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Welcome to The BOOM Project BLOG


Follow us on our book tour along the Ohio River as we meet authors and literary enthusiasts, book people, librarians, students, and baby boomers. Here you will find us in the usual and a few unusual, places.

Though we are both eager travelers, we are also writers, and accustomed to solitary spaces, where we romp through shadows of our minds with our memories, our dreams, and our imaginary friends. At times, the transition between our interior world and the public one is seamless, but sometimes not.

We will share pictures, thrills, and fumbles of a journey that begins in Pittsburgh on August 13 at White Whale Bookstore.

First, though, Kim and Bonnie are featured guest speakers for the Presbyterian Union in Louisville, KY at Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant. The monthly lunch and discussion group series, usually the first Tuesday of the month, is open to the public and covers topics of personal interest, culture and church issues, and the changing face of Louisville

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