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The Boom Project


"A loud deep resonant sound as of a distant explosion, breaking surf, a bass drum;

a hum or buzz; the cry of the bittern.”

Oxford English Dictionary

In June 2018, we put out a call for submissions to cities along the Ohio River Valley.  In our submission guidelines, we we asked writers NOT to include publication history in biographical statements. We hoped to find stories by both published and unpublished writers. 

More than 40 baby boom generation voices are featured in this 352 page anthology of poems, stories and essays. The writing is organized according to five themes—A River Runs Through Us, The Boom Generation, Coming of Age, Coming of Aging, and Home.   Readers can skip from poem to essay to story to memoir in one pleasurable sitting. 


"Congratulations on the beautiful collection of Boomer memories you've put together. So well selected and attractively presented! You both have done a real service for your fellow writers and to the public."

Sena Jeter Naslund

author of Ahab's Wife and Abundance, a Novel of

Marie Antoinette and seven other books; Kentucky Poet Laureate 2005-2006.

"Congratulations on The Boom Project: Voices of a Generation.  I enjoyed it so much, it took me to places I had forgotten were within me.  Not always comfortable, but a thoroughly powerful experience."


Melissa M Juchniewicz

New Hampshire Writers Project

Visiting Lecturer—UMass Lowell English Department

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